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Work Experience

If you're just about to leave school or have already left then you might want to think about doing some work experience. Work experience isn't just about 'ticking a box' and adding something to your CV so future employers will be impressed, it's actually a good way for you to test out different jobs without having to commit to one just yet. This means that you should try to do more than one work placement before deciding on a career path so that you’ve got a better idea of what you want to do in future, and can start getting experience in that area within a business that is prepared to teach you and allow you to make mistakes.


Maybe you already have a good idea of the type of career you want to pursue, or industry you want to work in. If that’s the case then an apprenticeship could be the perfect thing for you to help you get a foot up on the career ladder, while studying for a qualification and earning while you learn. Apprenticeships are becoming a popular route for school & college leavers as more and more vacancies are becoming available in industries and job roles that didn’t exist before, like finance or digital marketing.
Getting an apprenticeship is just like applying for a job and you can find all the help you need with finding and applying for your dream apprenticeship in Buckinghamshire here at

Part/Full Time Jobs

Part time jobs are a great way to gain experience that will be useful on your CV while you earn, especially if you’re also studying at the same time. If you know the career path you want to follow then applying for a full time job is probably your next step and at we have a range of employers who have full time vacancies that are well suited to young people with little experience. In general if you’re entering a job without much experience or straight from school or college it will be hard to get use to at first but will also be the fastest way for you to learn and develop skills, starting from the bottom and building a strong CV from a young age can set you up well for future career progression.

Got Skills?

Find out how to log your work skills, make applying for jobs easier, and impress future employers here  triangle

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