Ryan Meredith, Business & Administration Apprentice, Aylesbury College

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I have been at Aylesbury College working as an apprentice in the Human Resources department for nearly a year now case study - Ryan Meredithand I have enjoyed every minute I have been here. With this being my first full time job I have gained so much knowledge and experience during my time which is going to really help me in years to come. The team I work with are great and have been nothing but supportive of me and the work I have been doing.

I decided I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I felt I wasn’t yet experienced or qualified enough for the working world. It’s been the best stepping stone into full time work because I am getting on the job training working full time, getting paid for it and also getting a formal qualification at the end of it and coming out more qualified and experienced which is going to help me when applying for future jobs.

Currently my future plans are to stay working in HR and to gain more knowledge. This apprenticeship has shown me that I am doing something I enjoy and something I want to pursue and progress further into. Since completing my apprenticeship I have been offered a full time, permanent position in the HR department with the title HR Assistant. World of work here I come!


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