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Maybe you just got your GCSE or A-Level results, you’ve considered your options, and your ready

 to start looking for apprenticeships but if you’re like anyone else in the job market you’ll be asking

 one big question… ‘How much will I get paid?’

Apprenticeship wages are never straight forward and nearly every apprentice will be paid differently due to a few factors like, how many days you’ll be in the work place and college, the level of apprenticeship you’re doing, and the progression opportunities within the company after you’ve completed the apprenticeship.

But to actually answer the question in the title, we’ve put together a short list of stats & facts that’ll give you an idea on what you can expect to be paid as an apprentice.


Fact, figures & help on apprentices wages

    • The average weekly wage for first year apprentices in the UK is between £170 and £220

    • Apprenticeships National Minimum Wage is £3.50 for under 19s and anyone in their first year of an apprenticeship – £5.60 for 19-20 year olds – £7.05 for over 21s – £7.50 for over 25s.

    • The wage might be low when you start but it won’t stay that way as wages increase in line with agreed milestones as you progress and complete training stages.

    • People with an Advanced Apprenticeship earn around £117,000 more than those without, over the course of their career.

    • Apprenticeships in growing industry areas like IT & Technology may not always pay the best but because of their industry growth, may lead to much higher paid jobs once you’re qualified in future years.

    • The highest paying apprenticeships currently:





























  • Wages will either be paid weekly or monthly depending on the business, so make sure you’re checking this when looking at the wages displayed on apprenticeship adverts.

  • Some apprenticeships depending on the type of work will require you to work overtime sometimes, and this isn’t always paid overtime so it’s something to consider when looking for an apprenticeship.

  • Starting wages will depend on the level of Apprenticeship you are going in to. (but all must pay atleast minimum wage for the age bracket).


The Roundup

Hopefully the list above has helped you out in getting an idea for what you can expect to be paid as an apprentice, but one of the most important things to remember is it’s not all about the money (cliche I know).

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the money, but what we do mean by it is you should look at more than just the starting wage because as we mentioned, apprentices wages grow as your learn. Plus being an apprentice means earning while you learn, and with more and more degree level apprenticeships popping up you can now earn while you learn AND avoid university fees/debt but still come out with a degree qualification and years of industry experience.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends if they’re thinking about an apprenticeship

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