Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Vacancies List

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If you came down to visit us at the Bucks Skills Show 2017 then you might have heard us speaking about higher and degree level apprenticeships.


Up until now there hasn’t been much talk about them, but with thousands of vacancies about to go live in 2018 for apprenticeships that will allow you to earn money,
while gaining a degree level qualification, and not gaining debt, we it’s about time we gave you an idea of what they are what’s possible.


As the name suggests Degree apprenticeships work in the same way as most other apprenticeships, where you will be employed by a company whilst studying for a qualification in an area that is tied closely to your employed role. The difference in Degree apprenticeships is that you’ll be studying within a degree level course for a degree level qualification.


Just like any other apprenticeship there are tonnes of benefits when you compare it to going college and getting a qualification, but possibly the most attractive benefit for a degree apprenticeship is the fact that you will be gaining a degree, whilst earning money from your employment, whilst gaining experience, and not accumulating any of the debt that comes with a student loan and the traditional university route.


Since we’re talking about a higher level of apprenticeship to the type you’re probably use to hearing about it does mean that the apprenticeship are more limited and currently only available with large industry leading companies. Whether your ready to step in to a degree apprenticeship now or are looking for the future then click below to see the full list of Higher and Degree Level apprenticeships that are becoming available as of 2018.