Find your health career – new online tool on Health Careers

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If you want a career in health care but not sure what you can do, this new ‘Find your health career’ tool allows you to answer a series of questions which then offers you a list of career ideas for you to consider.

So how does it work?

The questions

The first question is about the qualification level they have or expect to achieve in the future. This makes sure that people are suggested roles suitable to this qualification level. For example, if they answer GCSEs or equivalent, medical careers are unlikely to be suggested.

They then start to answer questions covering a broad range of interests and how much they ‘like it’. For example:

  • working with babies, children or teenagers;
  • organising or storing information
  • working under pressure.

Each question is displayed like a card (see image right) and by clicking on the question mark in the top right, the user is provided an explanation of what the question means.

Users start by answering an initial 50 questions. They will then be presented with a screen which will give them the option of either viewing their results or reviewing their answers.

Review your answers

If they select ‘review your answers’ they are taken back to the start of the quiz and they can then change their answers. They can do this for each question or skip forwards or backwards.

Results – initial suggestions

Selecting the ‘view results’ option will reveal an initial top nine careers from the 200+ roles on the Health Careers website.

Users can then save their results if they are already registered with the website. If they are not already registered, then the site will prompt them to do so.

Getting a more tailored set of suggested roles

After logging on, users can answer a further 55 questions for a more tailored set of roles.

Match breakdown

These results are displayed in the same way as those suggested at the end of the first block of questions but by clicking on ‘Match breakdown’ they can now see how their answers have affected these results.

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