If you’ve been browsing our site and found the perfect apprenticeship for you or maybe you want to try your hand as a 

chocolatier for work experience, then you might have noticed our new Apply Now button which we added to remove the need for you to ‘cold-call’ businesses to apply for their vacancies.

When you click the Apply Now button you’ll be taken to complete a short form to collect your name and contact details plus your CV if you have one (must upload CV for apprenticeships and job application) and a covering letter.


Want to know what you shouldn’t be including in your CV? Check out our 10 Things not to put in your CV infographic


Once you’ve finished entering your details just hit submit and your application will automatically be sent off to the employer. Note- when completing the form please do not delete the automatically entered employer details.

Now we wait…

Generally if you’re applying for an open apprenticeship or job vacancy then we recommend you wait 3-5 days for some sort of reply or contact from the employer to let you know what the next step is. If you haven’t heard from them after this time then it’s always a good idea to follow them up with a phone call to check that they received your application and if they have any news or need more information for you. This will also show them how serious you are about the vacancy, but try not to call them too soon after you’ve applied give them a chance to get to your application and take a look at it.

If you applied for a work experience placement then we always recommend calling a few days after the application is sent if you’ve heard nothing since. This is because a lot of the work experience placements available on WANNABE are with small businesses who might not have a dedicated recruiter in the business which means they may be slower in getting back to you, so give them a call and let them know that you’re interested and to see your application email for your full details.

Some things to remember…

  • If you’re under 18 and applying for a work placement make sure you have your parent or guardian’s consent and we also recommended that you meet your prospective employer first to check you are comfortable with the project and working environment.
  • If there are only certain dates you can get off school or college to attend a work experience make sure to include these dates in your application or when you first speak to the employer to avoid disappointment later on. Even if the employer can’t facilitate you during these dates, they might be able to take you on later in the year when you have more spare time.
  • If you don’t get accepted for the apprenticeship or job you applied for, it’s not the end of the world and there are plenty of other options and similar roles in other companies that you can apply for. Also ask the employers why your application wasn’t accepted so you can take on their feedback and make some changes to help you get the next!