Apprenticeships are becoming one of the most popular ways to start out in a career path for young people in the UK, as more and more companies put more emphasis on experience over qualifications.

With an apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds by gaining experience in a real working environment whilst gaining industry-recognised qualifications and earning a wage for the work you do.

We work with companies of all sizes in and around Buckinghamshire who have apprenticeship opportunities, to help them attract talented young people to fill those roles by promoting them here on WANNABE.

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Businesses with apprenticeships vacancies on WANNABE are actively looking for eager candidates to fill the roles, so making a great impression at the application stage is absolutely vital.

They understand that this might be your first time applying for a job and don’t expect you to know everything about the process at first. Although it’s always a good idea to be as prepared as possible before picking up the phone or sending an email with your CV to an employer so we recommend reading the job posting properly and doing some research on the business before getting in contact so that the conversation flows well and you can have a good discussion about the role without needing to ask them too many questions that could have been answered if you did some prior research.

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Our apprenticeship vacancies span across the follow Buckinghamshire areas:

Organisation NameSterling Thermal Technology

Job TitleEngineering Works Apprentice


Job Description

To carry out production operations and training exercises to meet the requirements of the agreed training programme. To assist in the work carried out in any production area when and where the need arises.

* Look after the company’s interests at all times
* Maintain strict confidentiality on all matters relating to company business
* Ensure that the company’s procedures are followed
* Maintain good housekeeping practices
* Comply strictly with the company health and safety policy

* Participate fully in the course work required to achieve the desired NVQ qualification.
* Carry out production duties / training exercises as directed by the Production Supervisors
* Participate in the quality control process relevant to the work carried out and ensure all defective work is immediately brought to the attention of the production supervision
* Carry out any relevant administrative tasks
* Ensure workmanship is to the required standard
* To undertake any other reasonable duties at any time

* Strict adherence to all Health & Safety laws and requirements and safe working practices.
* Satisfactory completion of the level and quality of work to meet the requirements of the NVQ and specific college course(s) as appropriate for the desired qualification level.
* Maintenance of the required levels of quality in all production / training activities
* Efficient and timely completion of all production / training activities

Training Provided

Milton Keynes College

Office Location and Full Address


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