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Recent Apprenticeship Vacancies

Organisation NameRoyal Opera House

Job TitleBroadcast Communications Apprentice

Job Description

The Broadcast Communications Apprentice will be based in the Royal Opera House’s Communications (Comms) Team. The comms team includes the press teams and social media department, and we work together to ensure the positive reputation of the Royal Opera House. We also deliver a high standard of filming for cinema broadcasts, social media output, news outlets, educational activities and documentary filming. The comms team are responsible for managing all photography and media campaigns across the organisation.

Duties include:

Put all skills learnt with the training provider, and with the comms team, in to practice through participating in the day-to-day work of the department
Work alongside Head of Comms to support the delivery of key press activity that supports UK and international cinema relays, BP Big Screens, live streams, and all press and media outlets filming on site
Support and organise World Ballet Day filming that delivers core communications activity
Assist with UK & international press cinema shoots & filmed and audio interviews
Support Learning and Participation (outreach) activity and front of house filming for news crews
Assist in setting up press shoots, liaising with other ROH artistic, administrative and technical departments
Work closely with visiting film crews, accompanying them around the building and introducing them to ROH staff
Maintain effective systems to store and log all filming and photography forms and contracts
Ensure union agreements are always followed regarding filming
Ensure details of all filming and photography is kept up to date in calendars and staff have awareness of all filming
Provide general office and administrative support to comms team
Develop an interest in and keep in touch with best practice
Participate in any extra training as necessary
Carry out any other reasonable duties as requested by the Head of Comms and other senior staff in the communications function
Attend regular meetings with line manager and the Apprenticeships Manager/Officer to review progress
Submit learning logs and diaries to the Apprenticeships Manager/Officer

Office Location and Full Address

Covent Garden




Training Provided

Training will be provided across a range of specialisms within production. Training is combination of on-site training with IMG and off-the-job training with All Spring Media. Training will happen in blocks and will cover industry awareness, camera skills, editing skills, and production skills.

Skills required for this role:

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