Behind WANNABEBucks.org is a mission to create a highly developed, and ultra-employable talent pipeline for the future of Buckinghamshire businesses and one way we work towards this is by providing the young people of Buckinghamshire with information about and live work experience vacancies.

But creating this talent pipeline isn’t only of benefit to the young people in it, but is arguably more beneficial to the businesses who are creating these vacancies, developing their skills whilst you as a business benefit from an extra pair of hands free of charge and the potential to recruit enthusiastic future employees.

Below is a short promotional video created by two enthusiastic young lads, during their week work experience with Bucks TV




Using the WANNABE platforms you are free to post work experience roles for all of our visitors to see and apply for directly.

We know you’re probably not as familiar with the idea of work experience as you are with apprenticeships, but offering and recruiting for work experience placements is a much easier and more effortless process.

There aren’t any specific government bodies to register your business with first, or accreditations you must receive before taking on a young person however we do have a short checklist to look through before posting to WANNABEBucks.org:

  • 2 or more full time employees work at the business premises the young person will be working from.

  • You old a full Public Liability insurance certificate (this will be requested when registering).

  • You have a completed work place risk assessment.

  • There is a current project/some work that could benefit a young person whilst benefitting from a young person.

  • You’re work place is not a high risk environment.

  • If the applicant is younger than 16 ensure the parents are aware and have given consent for the young person to attend work placement.


If the checklist above applies to your business then follow the link below to register your business to post a work experience. After you’ve registered we will review your details and send you a link to post your work experience.

We need Buckinghamshires’ growing businesses like yourselves to help deliver quality work experience for ambitious young people across the county!