Remember the last time you developed
your teamwork skills?

What about when you used your communication skills in a real life situation?

Or when you showed off your enterprising skills?

When it comes to applying for part/full time jobs, work experience, or apprenticeships you will always need to stand out from the other applicants and show the employer that your are better suited and have the right skills to fill the role.

When you’re applying for your first working role or for a job in your dream career, one of the most important things that employers will want to look at are your skills and life experiences as they know you will not have had years of experience in work. By considering your skills an employer can get to know what type of person you are, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and all importantly how well suited you are to the role they are looking to fill.

Watch the videos below to hear from real employers about why skills are important in candidates:

‘I’ve never had a job so what work skills do I have?’

Employers will understand that when applicants have just left school or may still be in education they will not have the same level of working experience as an older person, however there are still a lot of transferable skills that you will have gained and developed through your teenage years at school or college. For example if you have ever had to write and prepare for a presentation in-front of your year in an assembly or you volunteered to help at a local primary school athletics competition you have developed communication skills and shown that you are able to express a message to a group of people with younger children being the toughest!

Showing an employer your skills

When you apply for any position it’s likely that you will need to submit a CV, possibly have a telephone conversation, and after that you will go in for an interview with the employer. If you have not considered and recorded your work skills, and how they could transfer in to the role you are applying for then the employer may never know how much of a great fit you are for their job.

Which is why at WANNABE we have a useful skills record template to help you record your work skills and refer back to them before an interview. Click below to download the skills record