Organisation NameWycombe Community Radio CIC

About the Organisation

Wycombe Community Radio CIC was set up in 2013 with the aim of creating a community radio station for High Wycombe & the surrounding area. We have been broadcasting on our website and our own mobile app (downloadable on Android & iPhones) since November 2015. We have now been awarded a long term community radio licence by Ofcom and we will be broadcasting on 106.6 FM from the end of October/beginning of November 2016. Our target audience is 35 - 64 years old but we do have specialist shows in the evenings which are aimed at different age ranges & specialist areas of interest. The radio station is entirely staffed by volunteers who are passionate about local radio. We have a large number of volunteers but our core team is small so we can give a thorough overview of the entire operation for a radio station.

Contact NameKeith Higgins

Office Location and Full Address

Bridge House Bridge Street High Wycombe Bucks HP11 2EL

Telephone Number01494 449900

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Approximate number of employees at your company120, all unpaid volunteers

Job TitleResearcher

Training Provided

We are looking for young people who will research information for our radio shows. This will entail researching a wide range of sources - for example, local newspapers & magazines, internet, social media, email alerts. There are 2 main particular areas where we are looking for young people to work with us.

1. As a community radio station, we wish to promote any local events that are taking place. This will culminate in a "What's On Guide" that presenters can read out at regular intervals during their shows.
2. We have 2 Sports Shows on Friday evenings & Saturday afternoons. Our local sports coverage is comprehensive, covering football, rugby union, hockey, ice hockey, cricket & baseball. It will require the young person to find out how our local sports teams performed the previous weekend and their fixtures for the next weekend. In addition, we will promote any events taking place at our local sports clubs.

The end product of this research will be a concise summary of this information that can be read out on air. We will also support any creative ideas on other ways that this information can be communicated, e.g. podcasts on our website.

For applicants under 18 years old, we will require consent from the school/college or parents/guardians.

This work experience opportunity is available all year round. We can be flexible as to whether this experience is full-time for a short period or part-time over a longer period of time.

Job Description

1. To gather information from a wide range of sources - newspapers, magazines, internet, social media, email - on either local cultural events, local fundraising activities or local sport
2. To summarise this information into a concise summary that can be read out on air during a radio broadcast.
3. To creatively suggest alternative methods for communicating this information, e.g. podcasts on our website
4. To be able to complete the summary within defined timescales so that deadlines are met

Future Prospects/Career Interests

Applicants will have career aspirations and hence a significant interest in the media industry.

There will be opportunities for suitable candidates to be a presenter on the radio station and/or to gain experience in other areas that make up the complete operation of a radio station.

Candidate Age Range16 - 19


Time Management

Communication Skills