So you’ve found a work experience opportunity that you’re interested in; now all that’s left is applying to the company to let them know why they should take you in for this opportunity and not somebody else. This is where it can get a bit tough if this is your first time applying for any type of position, which is why we made this short guide to give you some helpful tips on how to apply for a work experience opportunity.

Applying on WANNABE

At WANNABE all of the work experiences listed are by Bucks based companies who are offering opportunities to young people to come in and work at their business with the aim of gaining experience in the workplace and maybe in the career you want to pursue. All of the employers posting on WANNABE are specifically looking for young people which means they understand that you may not have any previous working experience so there is no need to worry about whether you should apply or not just because you are still at school and have never worked before.

Below are the steps we suggest taking when you want to apply for a work experience opportunity on WANNABE:

  1. Write a CV – although there will not be much to include in this CV if it is your first working position, you should still include all of your previous and current education, qualifications (predicted grades if not complete), and skills & experiences. Try the Connexions CV Creator here
  2. Write a cover letter/email – your cover letter shouldn’t be longer than a page and should explain why you are interested in the companies work experience, how it would benefit you to take part, the type of career you want to pursue, and a short thank you for taking the time to read your application. Learn more about work skills & your skills here.
  3. Pick up the phone – If there is a contact number listed on the opportunity then it is a good idea to call the company contact to let them know you are interested and to offer to send over your cover letter and email. Note- before calling make sure to note their name and use this when speaking to them, also plan what you are going to say before making the call.
  4. Send CV & Cover letter – once you have sent these documents to the company you will usually be contacted back to say they have received them. If this doesn’t happen then feel free to call the contact again to confirm that they received the documents.
  5. Make arrangements – If the company accepts your application and offers you the chance to take up the work experience then you will need to make arrangements with your school/college if you require time off. Also you will need to arrange your travel to and from the place of work.

Applying for a work experience can be daunting if it is your first time but the employers understand this, which is why they are offering the opportunity in the first place, to allow you to learn and experience what working life is like.

Good Luck in whatever you Wannabe!

For extra help applying for and getting your first bit of experience in the work place, take a look at the Princes Trust Get Into programme here