Work experience is an experience of the workplace that is valuable to an individual and bucks-skill-hub UTC Case Study-page- imagehelps them to move closer to the labour market. Employers look for skills and experience as well as qualifications. The outcome of a successful work experience placement is very much down to the individual. For some it could be to improve their confidence and soft skills, and for others it could be the transition needed to gain employment.

As such, work experience opportunities on WANNABE are clearly linked to careers, industrial sectors and personal ambitions, and are also constructed around a clearly defined role with specific tasks or projects and responsibilities.
The timing and duration of work placements vary and can run in blocks of 1,2,3 or 4 weeks, or run on one day per week for a set number of weeks depending on the requirements of the learner and the capacity of the business.
Undertaking a work experience placement gives you the opportunity to start building your CV, develop core competencies and can, on occasion, be a ‘foot in the door’ to future employment opportunities.

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